Money Candle - Mint Infusion - Medium

Medium French Glass - 40 Hour Burn Time

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The plant extracts in this blend have been mixed & poured with the intention of providing the new owner with more prosperity & abundance. These herbs, plants & flowers have been used throughout history in cultural & magical rituals to help invoke more luck & financial gain to those who partake in its energy release. 

While burning this product please use the chant below & concentrate your thoughts & energy on attracting more prosperity & abundance. This is a meditative experience that requires complete focus & dedication to aid in changing the energies required to achieve its goal.

Money money money come to thee. Money in all forms now see me. Bring me protection so mote it be. Come now, blessed be! 

Essential Oil Ingredients: Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Clove, Aniseed, Rosemary

We know that our products will help you to bring your desires to life. Follow the simple instructions and if you don't see results in 6 months, we'll refund your money back 100%



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Money Candle

By: on 4 July 2017
Having great success with the Love Candle and Love Tea, I decided to try the money candle and brew, seeing as life has been a struggle financially for many years. Not expecting immediate results is a good thing, as when the time is right, things will happen. This was a few months ago. About 4-5 weeks later I received a promotion with a very nice pay increase plus a very nice bonus! Great timing! And the candle smelled really nice and tea tastes great too!! Thanks again Witch of Moons Lane!!


By: on 6 June 2017
I bought a money candle and some Witchy Brew at a tarot party. I thought I'd give it a go as we hadn't been able to sell our house for 3 years. I used the candle, hubby drank the tea. We had an offer on house within a month, little things started happening and finances just got easier. Put it in cupboard cleaning one day and forgot all about it. Found it 4 weeks ago and relit the candle and recited the spell. Next week husband received job offer for a higher paying job that he had coveted for ages but had missed out on!! I kid you not. This stuff works!! Will be reordering!!

Money candle

By: on 11 March 2017
I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first, but after using the candle everyday for a week, little things started to present themselves. I purchased my engagement and wedding ring set for 50% off, and we also purchased a 10 litre can of wall paint for only $39 along with some other items that we were chasing which were on special. I would highly recommend the candles.

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