Product Range


All of our WitchyPoo products are blessed under the full moon by The Witch Of Moons Lane and come with indivdual chants to be read three times while using those products to help focus the mind on what you are trying to manifest in your life. All of our products are hand made right here in Australia, in The Witch Of Moons Lane spiritual kitchen! Please click onto one of the elements in the "Catagories" list on this page, (Focus, Healing, Love, Meditation or Money), to find our Teas, Candles, Soaps, Essential Oils & Jewellery.


We only use lead free Cotton Wicks and the wax we use is hand poured, non GMO renewable Soy Wax. Which burns cleanly and slowly at a low temperature that delivers amazing performance. Both spiritually, in supporting you on your journey in what you are trying to attract more of into your life and of course in the way the candle emits its beautiful, natural scents. With our scents, we only use organic 100% Pure Essential Oils extracted from plants and flowers providing true aromatherapy as nature intended. The Witch Of Moons Lane does not use any synthetic fragrance oils, (which most other candle brands on the market today still use), even though these oils are known to release microscopic particles that have been linked to cancer and other health problems when inhaled. Never trust "natural fragrance" as there is no such thing. 


Our uniquely designed, handcrafted soaps are a CoconutVegetable Oil base that is vegan friendly. Our ingredients are not tested on animals and are from renewable sources. Our scents, (the same scents that are in our candles), are individually designed for each element, being Air, Water, Fire, Spirit and Earth. Each scent is beautiful in its own right which are all organic 100% Pure Essential Oils. So every time you use our soaps, not only are you lathering up a spiritual experiance helping you manifest what you are trying to attract more of into your life, but it is also an aromatherapy session right in your own bathroom!


Our WitchyPoo Brew teas have been blended with the finest quality ingredients we could find, which are also organic where ever possible. Each tea blend has been meticulously researched in order to have the right ingredients in those blends that relate to the relevant element and of course for the best possible tasting experience. In order to achieve this desired outcome, we employed the help of Sharyn Johnston, the founder of Australian Tea Masters and arguably one of Australia's consumate tea experts. Sharyn is frequently required to judge on international tea panels and has been a member of a five person Chinese tea expert committee selected by the Chinese government in 2014. So The Witch Of Moons Lane has gone to great lengths to ensure that not only are our teas a beautiful drinking experience of the highest quality ingredients, but those same ingredients had also been used throughout history in supporting people in their spiritual journey in manifesting their lifes goals. We are currently working on additional blends of Green Tea flavours and caffeine free blends, so please watch this space!

Please also note that our teas have "free shipping" to anywhere in Australia!