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About The Witch of Moons Lane
Welcome beautiful soul,


Are you seeking answers, insights or reassurance? Maybe you’re looking to connect with a passed relative, find your soulmate or get clarity about your career.


You are not alone. Life is a journey—one that can deliver tough times that leave us feeling anxious about the present and the future.  


As a psychic medium and intuitive reader, I can help you open your heart and reach your highest level of being, even when you feel at your most vulnerable. My readings create a sacred, spiritual space where we can focus on the energy that surrounds you and the spirits that protect you.


It’s my intention to empower you with light, kindness and acceptance. To enhance your wellbeing and help you discover your true path.


I look forward to guiding your way.


Love and light,

Michelle, The Witch of Moons Lane

Meet the Witch


Michelle Cook is The Witch of Moons Lane, a highly sensitive psychic medium with over 35 years' of spiritual practice. She has worked with hundreds of people from around the world, channelling their energy and providing enlightenment through face-to-face, phone and email readings.


Michelle has appeared at Australian and international mind, body and spirit festivals, live mediumship events and on TV shows. She holds a silver award from the Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS), recognising her extensive training, experience and exceptional standard of practice.


Michelle performs her readings with complete passion, dedication and respect, sharing her gift to help bring meaning to the lives of others.

A Natural Gift

From the age of four, Michelle demonstrated natural clairaudient (to hear), clairsentient (to feel) and clairvoyant (to see) abilities.


After discovering she could communicate with the spirits of passed loved ones, she began to counsel those seeking closure and guidance.

Building on her innate psychic ability, Michelle has continued to hone her craft, seeking ways to bring about transformation in the lives of those she serves. She is a talented tarot card and tea-leaf reader and is currently writing a book on the art of tarot.

Heal Your Soul

Michelle is also a green witch with over 20 years’ experience practising nature-based and earth-orientated witchcraft. This traditional form of witchcraft harnessing the natural energies of the earth, trees, herbs, plants and flowers to create medicinal and magical remedies.


As part of her expert guidance, Michelle has produced a range of enchanted products that have been blessed by her spells and the powers of nature. Her teas, candles, soaps, essential oils and jewellery draw inspiration from the five elements: spirit, earth, water, air and fire. Each product has been crafted to fulfil a specific desire or intention, helping to focus the user’s natural energy.

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