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The intuitive Witch of Moons Lane is a gifted clairvoyant medium with over 35 years’ experience helping to ease the troubled minds of hundreds of people from the Gold Coast, to Brisbane and Worldwide. She can provide you with comfort and solace in tumultuous times of hardship through her gift of clairaudience, clairvoyance, tarot card readings and tea leaf readings.

Whether you’re looking for guidance along the true path of your life or need help finding the answers to life’s most difficult questions, the spiritual and perceptive Witch of Moons Lane can help with in-depth readings.

Enter the world of discovery and uncover the secrets of your fortune with enlightening and insightful readings from the talented Witch of Moons Lane – call her today on 07 3063 3022 to shed some light in the darkness. 

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Address: Gold Coast

Telephone:  07 3063 3022


Opening hours: After-hours service is available

Areas serviced: From the Gold Coast to Brisbane, to the Sunshine Coast & out to Toowoomba for Tarot Parties, Worldwide for readings and Witchypoo Enchanted Products., Free Shipping Australia Wide!