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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Firstly, Thank you for visiting my store, I am grateful... I know I can help you on your journey in manifesting your best life.... Please allow me to help you get started today by clicking onto one of my Moon Blessed, Enchanted Products from the category list below, in order for you to begin your magical journey with me, to a more abundant, loving & peaceful life!

Blessed Be Xx,,

Michelle, The Witch Of Moons Lane,

All of our WitchyPoo products are blessed under the full moon by Michelle, The Witch Of Moons Lane. Most of our prodcts come with indivdual chants & ritual scrolls to be used in conjunction with those products to help focus the mind & ignite the magical energy in order to manifest & attract what it is you are seeking more of into your life.

Our products are all natural, earth & vegan friendly, responsibly sourced, handmade, cruelty & guilt free!

All of our packaging is made from recycled material & responsibly sourced.

Our enchanted products are full of magical energy & packed with love by Michelle, The Witch Of Moons Lane, in the house of WitchyPoo Brew!

(Please note:- We send our packages via Australia Post, so once your products are dispatched, you will receive tracking updates directly to the mobile phone number on your account, so please keep an eye out for it!)