You deserve to live an enchanted life that’s filled with magic.

Whether you’re seeking answers and reassurance to the troubles on your mind, or you’re looking to enchant your life with a little touch of magic, we’re here to ensure that your life is filled with the positive energy you truly deserve.

Be it through our exquisite range of enchanted products or with the personal psychic readings of The Witch Of Moons Lane herself, we’re here to ensure that you’re empowered with the spiritual energy you need to attract the life and serenity you’ve been looking for.

At The Witch Of Moons Lane, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the blessings of positive spiritual energy – no matter where they are. <br> Be it in your home, on the go or when you just need a little extra help to banish negative energies, we’ve developed our range of enchanted products with one simple mission – to help you fill your life with a little touch of magic.

Fill your life with positive energy and attract a
Fill your life with positive energy and attract a
The clarity you need – whenever you need it.
The clarity you need – whenever you need it.

The essence behind everything we do comes from our very own spiritual medium and intuitive reader, Michelle Cook, who’s here to support you through those moments in life when you need some personalised spiritual guidance. Be it through face-to-face readings, virtual sessions or even over the phone, she prides herself in sharing her special gift to help you navigate the journey of life with access to divine guidance and direction in the moments you need it most.

Meet the mystical witch behind the cauldron - Michelle Cook.

Hello there you beautiful soul,

Welcome to The Witch Of Moons Lane, an extension of my spiritual gift that I’ve crafted from the ground up with one simple purpose – to help you live a life filled with clarity and enchantment.

You see, while life is a beautiful journey – it can also be a treacherous one filled with tough times and difficult choices that leave us longing for a little bit of clarity, wondering if we’ll ever get the answers that we’re searching for.

So many people get trapped in this state of feeling lost and disheartened because the answers that they’re after are just out of their reach, waiting to be heard in the spiritual realm.

That’s why, as a psychic medium and intuitive reader, I’ve dedicated myself to serving as the bridge between you and your spiritual guides – bringing back to our realm the answers and the clarity you’ve been searching for.

But my gift didn’t always feel like a blessing.

I first started experiencing psychic phenomenon at the tender age of four. 

After realising that I was able to communicate with the spirits of loved ones passed, I spent many years trying to understand why I was appointed with this ability that at times, felt like a burden that would weigh down on me heavily. It was only by giving in to my spiritual guides and embracing the gifts I had did I manage to learn how to control my abilities as it finally came time to harness them.

After slowly sharing my gifts by counselling my own loved ones and watching their eyes light up as they got the clarity they’d been searching for – I knew that this gift was my lifes calling and I’ve never looked back.

Over the last 35 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people from across the world, channelling their spiritual energy and providing enlightenment to those who seek it – which lead to word quickly spreading about my abilities. Soon enough, the media caught wind which led to countless appearances at international mind, body and spirit festivals, live mediumship events on TV and the acceptance of a Gold Award from the Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS) in recognition of my training, experience and exceptional standard of practice.

Now, with the support of my loving team, I’ve gone one step further to expand the impact of my gifts with my range of enchanted products – each one personally blessed by me and charged under the moonlight to ensure that you’ll always have a piece of magic with you, no matter where your journey through life takes you.

Love and light,

Michelle, The Witch of Moons Lane

Enchant your life with magical energy with The Wit

Enchant your life with magical energy with The Wit