WitchyPoo Tea Range

Our WitchyPoo Brew teas have been blended with the finest quality ingredients we could find, which are also organic where ever possible.

Each tea blend has been meticulously researched in order to have the right ingredients in those blends that relate to the relevant element and of course for the best possible tasting experience.

In order to achieve this desired outcome, we employed the help of Sharyn Johnston, the founder of Australian Tea Masters and arguably one of Australia's consummate tea experts. Sharyn is frequently required to judge on international tea panels and has been a member of a five person Chinese tea expert committee selected by the Chinese government in 2014.

So The Witch Of Moons Lane has gone to great lengths to ensure that not only are our teas a beautiful drinking experience of the highest quality ingredients, but those same ingredients had also been used throughout history in supporting people in their spiritual journey in manifesting their life's goals. 

Absinthe Cat Mug (GIFT BOX)

Absinthe Cat Mug (GIFT BOX)