Choosing a Candle for Spiritual Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

Candles have been used to illuminate humankind for thousands of years. From religious and ceremonial rituals to practical and decorative uses, we’re drawn to the hypnotic and magical qualities of the flame.

Lighting a candle can be a highly spiritual and symbolic act. The simple practice of bringing a match to a candle can create a focused, yet sacred, space.

Their power can be used to harness the law of attraction, helping manifest your desires. Through rituals and meditation, they can ward off negative energies, focus your intent and bring a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

When it comes to choosing a candle to empower your ritual, there are important qualities to consider. The candle should be crafted with the correct colours, essential oils and herbs, and poured at the correct time of the moon to properly activate your intentions.

Every candle represents a different spiritual energy. When you’re choosing the right candle for you, tune into the energy that surrounds it. Listen to your inner guidance. What colours and fragrances are you drawn to?





The Meditation candle is used to enhance spiritual awareness, wisdom and tranquillity. Often associated with the third eye, the colour purple symbolises the divine and mystical. An aroma blend of lavender oil, ylang-ylang and anise helps to calm anxiety and prepare you for any spiritual quest.

Burning a Meditation candle will enhance your spiritual communication, psychic development and spiritual power. This candle can also be used to banish negativity, helping you to heal and purify your energy.




The Focus candle is used to stimulate mental clarity, knowledge and understanding. The colour yellow is used to strengthen memory and concentration, while lemon, ginger and sweet orange oil evoke an energising and uplifting energy.

Lighting a Focus candle will help clear your mind and bring forward your subconscious thoughts. This candle can also be used to ignite creativity and inspiration, giving you the confidence to bring your plans to fruition.


The Love candle is used to stimulate energy, vitality, fertility and personal power. Red symbolises passion and sexual love and is said to put one in touch with the powers of flesh and blood. Earthy cedarwood blends with pure rose oil and vanilla to induce peace, compassion and harmony.

Burning a Love candle will bring forward your inner magnetism, strength and courage. It can also be used to promote change and boost your ambitions.


The Money candle is used to bring prosperity, abundance and wealth. In nature, the colour green symbolises growth and renewal—a bountiful harvest of Mother Earth. Mint, cinnamon and clove blend to raise spiritual vibrations and promote success.

Lighting a Money candle can help you attract money, find employment and boost your career prospects. This candle can also be used to find employment or attract business success.

Lighting a candle symbolises bringing light to your intentions and desires. This simple, sacred act can support your meditations, healing rituals, prayers and blessings. It can connect you with a higher consciousness, as well as nourish your own inner spirit. Discover the power of candle magic and help transform your thoughts into your reality.



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