Which element are you? [Quiz]

Did you know that everyone has a natural connection to an element? Some feel instinctively drawn very early on, others need to find which element they are before they feel connected. Do you still feel in the dark? Not sure which element is yours?

Understanding which element you identify with is powerful. It suddenly unlocks the benefits of using products that are elementally focused. If you want some guidance towards which element you identify with, take this wonderfully simple quiz. If you already have an idea which element you are, take the quiz for reassurance. Love and light x


The Witch of Moons Lane believes in providing products that are elementally focused to help connect you with your element.

Air | Focus
For my wonderful Air followers, the characteristic linked to this element is focus. The light, zesty nature of the focus WitchyPoo Tea, soaps and candles allows your mind to be cleared, giving you a stronger sense of focus.

Water | Healing
For my easy-going Water followers, the characteristic linked to your element is healing. The Witch of Moons Lane has beautiful necklaces to better connect you to your Water element. Purchase one for yourself or a fellow Water follower and feel your inner health thrive. 

Fire | Love
For my passionate Fire followers, your element is linked with the characteristic of love. To connect with your loved centred element, The Witch of Moons Lane has rose infused candles, soaps and the popular Love WitchyPoo Tea available for you.

Earth | Money
For my wise Earth followers, your element is linked to money. Connecting with your earth element through The Witch of Moons Lane’s fresh candles, soaps and WitchyPoo Tea will allow you to see financial matters clearly. Your connection to earth will provide a sense of peace when making money related decisions.

Spirit | Meditation
Unsurprisingly for my magical Spirit followers, the characteristic linked to your element is meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool and technique used by all mediums. Connect better to Spirit and develop your meditation abilities with essential oils, soaps, candles and WitchyPoo Tea

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