Healing Ritual Box

Smudging, Cleansing & Banishing of negative energies Kit

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Our Healing, Smudging, Banishing Ritual Box is a complete kit with all you need to send those negative energies packing!

"Are you feeling things aren't right in your home or work space? That the vibe or energy is feeling off?"

This box contains:-

1 x Black Carry Case, 1 x Large Selenite Wand, 2 x Clear Crystal Points, 1 x Hand Carved Stand for your abalone shell, choice of either a Polished Abalone Shell or Raw Abalone Shell, choice of either Floral White Sage stick or Plain White Sage, 1x Black Feather, choice of a Rose Quartz Point Neckalce.

Our Healing Ritual Box will Smudge, Cleanse & Banish all negative energies from any space & it also comes in its own convenient Black Carrying Case to be taken into any space that needs Smudging - Smudging is an ancient ritual & ceremony done in order to clear all negative energies via the scent of the White Sage Palo Santo Sticks & via the smoke they produce, using the Black Feather for Protection & Fanning.

Focus Your Mind & Intention For Positive Change - You are giving yourself a powerful tool to use for the purpose of creating your intention, focusing your positive energy & to clear all negative thoughts on your journey of positive change & self-improvement.

Healing Crystals - This Healing Ritual Box has a Large Raw Selenite Wand, a Clear Quatz Point & Crystal Quartz Sword-Moonstone & Amethyst  Encrusted Necklace, (known as the master healer), Blessed For Protection by The Witch Of Moons Lane.

  • Selenite Wand - is a crystal that has a meaning & properties of healing all the way back to the Ancient Greeks who named the crystal "Selenite", meaning "Moon". This crystal is popular in the use of cleansing & clearing the home or office space. It dispels negative energy & enhances clarity, focus & creates calm in any space. 
  • Clear Crystal Point - is the most versatile "Healing Stone" amongst all crystals. Known as the "Stone Of Power" & the "Master Healer", it is able to amplify energy & its intention, as well as the effects of other crystals.

White Sage, Palo Santo Stick, Black Feather - This Healing Ritual Box only has responsibly & ethically sourced ingredients from renewable sources, with sticks & feathers collected from that have already fallen naturally to the ground.

  • White Sage - To dispel negative energy, to aid in achieving a healing state, to solve & reflect on spiritual dilemmas, it also contains Thujone shown to inhance ones intuition.
  • Palo Santo - Literally translates to Holy Wood & has been known to ward off bad spirits, spiritual energy cleansing & clearing, also in aiding stress reduction.
  • Black Feather - for fanning the smoke during your smudging ritual, has an ancient meaning that the angels are protecting your energy for your spiritual awakening. A Black Feather is also a good omen, the Healing process you're going through will soon be completed & you'll be able to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Abalone Shell & Stand - a practical, flame proof, beautiful piece that is 12cm long & perfect to hold your White Sage & Palo Santo Sticks before, during & after your smudging ritual, with a rustic & convenient timber stand ready for your alter.

"I have carefully selected the finest ingredients, charged them under the full moon & once brought together, this Healing Ritual Box is all you need to change any negative space into your idea of heaven. This is the perfect house warming gift or for that someone special who is in need of some real positive energy shift in their life."

"If you can't be a pencil to write someone's happiness, then try to be the eraser to remove their sadness."

Love & Light,

Blessed Be x


The Witch Of Moons Lane 


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