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What to Expect From a Tea Leaf Reading

We all know how comforting a hot cup of tea can be. But as well as its ability to soothe and heal, tea is a powerful form of divination. Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseomancy or tasseography, is the ancient art of reading tea leaves—a fortune-telling practice with a rich folk history.
A tea leaf reading is an enlightening, not to mention fun, way of exploring your energy. It can provide clarity about your past, present and future. There is a beautiful, intimate nature to this practice. Tea leaf reading connects the seeker and reader to bring forth the energy from within. When you tip the cup over, we are channelling your story. Your sacred self.

For those interested in this ancient art, here’s what to expect during your tea leaf reading.

Preparing and Drinking the Tea

Your reading begins with pouring the tea into a white, open cup. I use plain, black loose tea, without twigs, fruits or flowers, to help create clearer images in the cup. Tea bags, even if torn open, contain finely-ground tea leaves that are too small for interpretation.
Part of the ritual is to sit down and enjoy the tea. This lets you relax and gather your thoughts. Take the time to focus on your intention and connect with the leaves. Think about the questions you’re going to ask and bring focus to what you’re doing. As you sip the tea, you will infuse it with your energy, allowing the leaves to create pictures and images in the bottom of your cup.
You’ll be asked to drink until there’s only around two teaspoons of liquid left in the cup. This small amount helps to move the tea leaves around during the ritual.

Considering Your Question
You may be wondering what questions are best for a tea leaf reading. You can ask any type of question, however, the more specific it is, the more accurate the answer will be.
Asking powerful questions will help you unlock the answers you seek. Here are some examples of how to frame a good question:
  • How can I move my business forward?
  • What can I do to bring romance into my life?
  • How can I find the right job for me?
  • What should I look for in a partner?
  • How can I live my life with greater purpose?
  • What will help me overcome my grief?
Each of these questions gets to the heart of the matter, allowing for deeper exploration and insight.

Performing the Ritual
Once you’re seated with me, you’ll be asked to take the cup in your opposite hand (left if you’re right-handed and right if you’re left-handed), close your eyes and breathe deeply. This is a time for you to reflect on what you’d like to know. In this moment of peace, you can silently ask your question or seek guidance.
When you’re ready, I’ll ask you to swirl the tea leaves in the cup three times in an anticlockwise direction, then turn it upside down on its saucer and leave it to drain.
After the cup has drained, you’ll carefully turn it upright and reveal the tea leaf impressions inside.

Interpreting the Leaves
During your reading, I’ll explore the shapes in your cup, seeking out symbols for interpretation. The tea leaves work together to create a story, each one filling in a different detail.  
There are no right or wrong ways for symbols to appear. The symbols form how they want to, sometimes from a couple of leaves or an entire clump. Some symbols will be literal and distinct while others are loosely formed, allowing us to draw on our intuition and imagination.
Some examples of symbols include:
  • Angel—good fortune in love
  • Lake—calm
  • Mountain—promotion
  • Letter—a message
  • Vase—good health
As more questions are asked, new symbols can often materialise from the leaves to provide further insight.
The placement of the symbols within a cup also changes the meaning, linking it to the past, present or future.

Embark on a Magic Journey Together
A personal tea leaf reading session can be relaxing and insightful. And if you’d like to spark new connections with friends and family, tea leaf reading parties add a fun, creative element to any event.
Explore the mystical world at the bottom of your teacup. Book a tarot reading with me today and request it to be tea leaf reading.
Love and light,
Michelle, The Witch of Moons Lane

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