Healing Crystal Ritual Candle - Sage Infusion - Extra Large

Smudging, Cleansing, Banishing of negative energies

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Now with a wood wick!

All of our Premium Range Crystal Ritual Candles are hand poured with intention of Positive Energy for the new owner, with an approx 80 hour burn time & is 400 grams in weight. (Please note:- If you have purcahsed this candle previously & do not require the Ritual Scroll or the White Jade Pendant, please select the discounted "No, thanks!" option before adding your item to your shopping cart).

"Are you feeling things aren't right in your home or work space? That the vibe or energy is feeling off?"

Our Healing Crystal Ritual Candle will Smudge, Cleanse & Banish all negative energies from any space without the thick smoke from a smudge stick - Smudging is an ancient ritual & ceremony done in order to clear all negative energies via the scent of the pure essnetial oils & the smoke from the candle. 

Now with a wooden wick to add to the ambience of this ritual candle, that gives off a beautiful crackle as it burns like an open fire on a cold winters night. It also aids in emitting the scents of the pure essential oils as it has a strong & even burn on the extra large candle surface.  

Focus Your Mind & Intention For Positive Change - By following the detailed instructions written by The Witch Of Moons Lane in the Healing Ritual Scroll that comes with this candle, you are giving yourself a powerful tool to use for the purpose of creating your intention, focusing your positive energy & to clear all negative thoughts on your journey of positive change & self-improvement.

Healing Crystals - This Healing Crystal Ritual Candle has a White Jade crescent moon shaped pendant infused into the wax to be worn by the owner once the candle is complete to continue the positive energy support, ($35 in value).

  • White Jade - is a gemstone that has a meaning & properties of healing. This gemstone also has properties to help with feeling calm & peaceful with the positive energy of light to heal past hurts.
  • Crystal Chips - 
  • The energy & intent for the pieces of Moonstone is for New Beginnings & for Inner Growth & Strength. It is said that Moonstone reduces stress & stabilisers the emotionsproviding calmness. Moonstone is also used for enhancing intuition & promoting inspiration, success & good fortune in love & in business matters.
  • The Blue Aventurine chips are known to resonate from the mind to the heart, working calmly, rationally & steadily, it is also good for support towards positive change.
  • The Black Obsidian chips are truth-enhansing, a strongly protective stone. It forms a shield against negativity, it blocks psychic attack & absorbs negative energies from the environment.

Pure Essential Oils - This Healing Crystal Ritual Candle only has responsibly sourced plant based 100% pure essential oils, with no man made fragrances.

  • White Sage - To dispel negative energy, to aid in achieving a healing state, to solve & reflect on spiritual dilemmas, it also contains Thujone shown to inhance ones entuition.
  • Clary Sage - To support creativity & intuition, to aid in stress reduction, natural antidepresent, relieve anxiety, aids in balancing energy power.
  • Palo Santo - Literally translates to Holy Wood & has been known to ward off bad spirits, spiritual energy cleansing & clearing, also in aiding stress reduction.
  •  Rosewood - Associated with the heart chakra, it has a compassionate & healing energy, it aids in self love & in the love of others, it is also known as an aphrodisiac.
  • Lavender - To cleanse your environment of negativity, sets the intention for a peaceful & grounded energy before starting your ritual, to meditate, to manifest, to conduct your smudging ceremony!

"I have carefully selected the finest ingredients, charged them under the full moon & once brought together, this candle is all you need to change any negative space into your idea of heaven. This is the perfect house warming gift or for that someone special who is in need of some real positive energy shift in their life."

"If you can't be a pencil to write someone's happiness, then try to be the eraser to remove their sadness."

P.S. The candle glass is also reusable & great to use in your own WitchyPoo kitchen or pantry for herbs, spices, sugar, coffee or tea! 

Love & Light,

Blessed Be x


The Witch Of Moons Lane 


SKU 338

Healing candle

By: on 6 September 2021
This is it !! The only candle after spending hundreds to find the perfect piece of peace

Healing candle

By: on 6 September 2021
This is it !! The only candle after spending hundreds to find the perfect piece of peace

Healing Candle

11 April 2021
I LOVE this candle so much! All Michelle's candles are gorgeous, however this is my favourite one. I am going to be buying this one again for sure. I wonder if she does refills!! :-) :-)

Healing Candle

13 February 2021
I couldn't believe the way I felt after the first use ,truely an amazing candle , the dark cloud that was in my home had been lifted. Thank you so much The Witch from Moonlane.

Helped me emmensly

11 February 2021
Really helps to cleanse the home of ALL negativity...have felt my home more calmer and Negative free since I did first cleanse... Highly recommended

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