Money Crystal Intention Candle - Mint Infusion - Large

Large White Glass - 60 hour burn

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All of our Large Range Crystal Spell Candles are hand poured with intention of Positive Energy for the new owner, with an approx 60 hour burn time.

The plant extracts in this blend have been mixed & poured with the intention of providing the new owner with more prosperity & abundance. These herbs, plants & flowers have been used throughout history in cultural & magical rituals to help invoke more luck & financial gain to those who partake in its energy release. 

 Pure Essential Oils - 

  • Peppermint - Is a powerful & magical herb that can loosen up energetic congestion to encourage renewal & postive change to assist in igniting passion & drive towards improving prosperity. 

  • Spearmint - Is also a powerful herb for attracting money & protecting money against negative energies & loss.

  • Cinnamon -  To aid in improving chances of success, prosperity attraction, protection of wealth & for good luck.
  • Clove - Assists in driving away negative forces, attracting money & imrpoving luck with finances.
  • Aniseed - Also known as Star Anise, symbolises a moonless horizon, it is known to improve intuition to help protect from misfortunes, to grow your wealth & for improved luck.
  • Rosemary - Is one of the most used herbs throughout the world all the way back to ancient times & is a herb that can be substituted for all other herbs in magical rituals. It is used to aid in protection, to banish negative energies to help attract prosperity & wealth. It is also known to help improve memory & concentration.
  • Also contains premium grade frangrances of Lemongrass & Lime for strength of scent throw.

Scent Notes:-

Top:- Lime zest & lemon peel

Middle:- Lemongrass & Jasmine

Base Vanilla bean & Rosewood

Energy Crystals -

  • Green Aventurine - Is known as the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity & wealth, or increasing favor in competitions or games of chance. Its winning energy makes it a great ally for boosting ones chances in any situation - a tax audit, even landing a promotion.
  • Moonstone - A stone of "new beginnings", it is a stone of inner growth & strength. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success & good fortune in business matters. 

" I know that some people believe that money is the root of all evil & people who chase it can be simply materialistic or greedy, but it is nearly imposible to live in the modern world without it, to provide for ones family, to house, cloth & feed them & or yourself, are all essentials to survival & all of it costs money". 

"So if there was a way you could manifest a little more abundance to help make modern life a little easier, then why would't you try it?"

Love & light 

Blessed be x


The Witch Of Moons Lane

While burning this product please use the chant below & concentrate your thoughts & energy on attracting more prosperity & abundance. This is a meditative experience that requires complete focus & dedication to aid in changing the energies required to achieve its goal.

"Money money money come to thee. Money in all forms now see me. Bring me protection so mote it be. Come now, blessed be!" 

We know that our products will help you to bring your desires to life. Follow the simple instructions and if you don't see results in 6 months, we'll refund your money back 100%.


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Money candle.

25 January 2023
Amazing fragrance. Long lasting

Money candle

13 February 2021
Love the smell of my candle found I was less stressed when the bills came.

Money Candle

18 October 2020
Absolutely love this product and it’s smell. Service is brilliant I received my item within a couple working days.


By: on 13 September 2017
Since I've been using my money candle (together with the money tea and money soap) I have been fortunate to have won several raffles with prizes ranging in value from $50 to $300. I have also found cash in a garden and won 4 concert tickets to Katy Perry in 2018. I'm truly blown away with all the good fortune that's come my way lately and can only put it down to the fabulous money products from The Witch of Moons Lane. Thank You!!

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